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New lab Recruit!

Welcome to Andreas who joins as a PhD student at STAMI (National Institute of Occupational Health). His research focuses on investigating the effects of night work and seasonal variations on alertness, sleepiness and circadian rhythms.

Symposium on Sleep Functions at 4th Nordic Neuroscience Meeting

The lab organized a symposium featuring talks from:
Charlotte Boccara: ( Title: Maturation of sleep neural dynamics across development )
Celia Kjaerby: ( Title: The influence of norepinephrine driven sleep micro structure on memory consolidation )
Rune Enger Letten: ( Title: The role of astrocytes and the gliovascular interface in sleep )
Hanna Maria Ollila: ( Title: Melatonin receptor controls timing of glucose levels. )

Group Photo: Symposium speakers with Rosa Cossart, Plenary Speaker and Director of Mediterranean Neurobiology Institute (INMED), Marseille, France

19 Jan, 2024

Lab Outing: Shuffleboard

We had a fun evening playing shuffleboard and arcade games at Tilt, Oslo

19 Jan, 2024

New Lab Recruit!

Welcome to Letizia Signorelli, an italian mathematical engineer who joins the lab as a data analyst!

19 Jan, 2024

New Master's Students!

Welcome to Ane Gaupseth Mæstad and Solveig Horn, who are purusing their Master's in Bioscience at University of Oslo.

19 Jan, 2024

Christmas Party!

This year, we celebrated the end of the year festivities twice! A traditional Julebord organized at NCMM with all our colleagues there and a more intimate potluck at Charlotte’s where each lab member brought dishes from their own country.

19 Dec, 2023

New Funding for Adrian!

Congrats to Adrian for securing funding from University of Copenhagen's Support Foundation for students of pharmaceutical science!

19 Dec, 2023

Lab outing: Bouldering

Our lab enjoyed bouldering at Oslo Klatresenter in Skullerud Park.

19 Dec, 2023

NCMM PhD Course

We hosted a 2 weeks PhD course on Molecular Medicine at NCMM with 2 days devoted to neurosciences. We heard great talks from a wide range of persepctives in Neuroscience from Julie Jezequel (KCL), Cliff Kentros (NTNU), Cathrin Canto (NIN), Hua Hu (UiO), Jean-Luc Boulland (UiO), Joel Glover (UiO), Rune Enger (UiO) and Charlotte Boccara (UiO).

19 Dec, 2023

Our lab in two national newspapers

In connection with receiving the ERC Starting Grant, our research was featured in a news story in the national newspaper VG (read more here) and in Khrono (read more here).

04 Oct, 2023

Welcome to Sandra!

Sandra Bryne joins the lab as a research assistant
She completed her MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Oslo and has background in animal handling, histology and molecular biology

04 Oct, 2023

New publication in IEEE Sensors Letters

A new paper from Smartsense project titled Adipose tissue characterization with electrical impedance spectroscopy and machine learning is now out in IEEE Sensors Letters

Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is a technique that allows to analyze a material by measuring its response to small electrical signals. In this work, we show that EIS can be used to discriminate different types of mouse fat tissue from one another. This is a first step towards complementing traditional tissue analysis methods in order to gain further insight on the structure and properties of various fat tissues.
Download Link

29th Sept, 2023

EMBL Conference in Helsinki

Our lab participated with posters and a talk at EMBL conference in Helsinki.
Solomiia and Adrian presented a poster and Charlotte delivered a talk at the conference!

20th Sept, 2023

ERC Starting Grant for the lab!

We are happy to share that lab has secured European Research Council's Starting Grant for the project 'SleepCog'. This will allow us explore the role of sleep in healthy cognitive development.

15th Sept, 2023

Welcome Jie to the SmartSense team – Physics node

Welcome to Jie, our new postdoctoral researcher on the Smartsense project. He is supervised by Ørjan G. Martinsen at the Department of Physics and co-supervised by Charlotte Boccara. She aims to focus her research on biosensors and sleep scoring using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

1st Sept, 2023

Forskningsparken Summer Party!

Our lab and the institute enjoyed the roof-top summer party at Oslo Science Park.

1st Sept, 2023

New Research Fellowship!

Congrats to Adrain for securing a fellowship from Denmark's Dagmar Marshall Fonden. This fellowship will support his stay in Oslo during his research in our lab.

1st Sept, 2023

Summer Internships

Our lab will host 2 summer internships from UIO Life Science Summer Internship Programme.
Congrats to Henriette Myrland and Sunniva Segtnan for securing the internship!

1st August, 2023

Successful Master's Thesis

Congrats to Ruchi Saigal for successfully defending her master's thesis at Oslo Met University, Norway.

1st August, 2023

Successful Master's Thesis

Congrats to Laure for successfully defending her master's thesis at Sorborne University, France. Her project focused on the effects of sleep deprivation on adipose tissue.

Laure was supervised by Dr. Charlotte Boccara, Dr. Nolwenn Briand and Dr. Damien Dufour

1st August, 2023

NCMM Scientific Retreat in Sweden

The lab enjoyed a relaxing retreat at Strömstad Spa & Resort in Sweden.

Congrats to Damien on a great presentation on Adolescence, a critical window of adipose tissue remodelling

22nd June, 2023

New Fellowship for Mats

Congrats to Mats for securing the Forsklinjen Fellowship. This will allow him to follow research track simultaneously during his medical studies! We look forward to having you in our lab!

22nd June, 2023

New Research Grant: Andres Jahres Fond

Congrats to the lab: A small grant from the Anders Jahres fond til vitenskapens fremme for our CRIPSR project

22nd June, 2023

Hippocampus Conference in Verona

Our lab attended Spring Hippocampus Conference in Verona, Italy. Solomiia presented her latest work on "Maturation of sleep architecture across development", whereas Brijesh and Eis unvieled a new tool for benchmarking sharp wave ripple detection algorithms. Lastly, Charlotte presented her crucial work on memory consolidation done in collaboration with Dr. Jozsef Csicsvari at IST, Austria

4th June, 2023

Guest Speaker: Jerome Epsztein

We were lucky to have Dr. Jérôme Epsztein visiting us in Oslo. Thank you Jérôme for 2 (!) great talks and many inspiring scientific conversations!

28th March, 2023

Welcome Damien to the SmartSense team – Molmed node

Welcome to Damien to the smartsense team. Damien will be postdoctoral researcher supervised by Dr. Nolwenn Briand at Molmed and co-supervised by Charlotte. His aim is to understand how sleep affects adipose tissue physiology and to investigate the physiological process of adipose tissue post-natal development. He did his PhD at the Clermont Auvergne University, in France, working on the different pathways involved in the differentiation of the adrenal cortex, one of the key organs of the stress response. Before that, he worked on the effects of dietary restriction on the ageing of visceral adipose tissue at the University of Newcastle in the UK.

1st January, 2023

NCMM Christmas Party

Our lab had a blast at our institute christmas party hosted at Oslo Science Park, Norway

20th December, 2022

New lab recruit : Welcome to Brijesh!

Welcome to Brijesh, our new postdoctoral researcher, who comes from India. Brijesh completed his Ph.D work in Italy with Prof. Enrico Cherubini and Dr. Francesco Battaglia. His main focus in the lab will be on sleep recordings and computational analysis of large scale electrophysilogical data.

1st October, 2022

Welcome Florian to the SmartSense team – Physics node

Welcome to Florian, our new Ph.D student, who is a mechatronics engineer from France. He is supervised by Ørjan G. Martinsen at the Department of Physics and co-supervised by Charlotte Boccara within the SmartSense project. His main focus is to develop new implantable biosensors to study the brain-adipose tissue crosstalk in mouse models.

1st September, 2022

FENS conference in Paris

Our lab participated in FENS conference in Paris. Solomiia and Eis presented their posters on their latest work on maturatio of sleep oscillations across development

15th July, 2022

A relaxing evening at a French restaurant

Our team enjoyed a lovely evening in a tiny and cosy restaurant that serves traditional French dishes.
It was nice to have an afterwork wine glass and a plate of delirious food. It was also a good opportunity to get to know better our new lab members in informal and relaxing atmosphere.

6th May, 2022

New lab recruit : Welcome to Lina!

Welcome to Lina, our new research assistant, who comes from Ukraine. Given the difficult situation in her country, we are happy to invite her to our lab and provide her a safe and friendly working environment.
Her work will consist of lab managing tasks, technical assistance with histology, preparation of solutions, rodent colonies management, rodent behaviour and preparation of electronics aim at brain chronic recordings.

27th April, 2022

New lab recruit : Welcome to Ela!

Welcome to Ela, who is a new Master’s student intern and will stay during 3 months. She comes from France where she just completed an internship in another lab where she worked on levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinsonian mice.
During her stay in Oslo, she will mainly work on sleep analyses and building ultra-light recording devices adapted to pups.

27th April, 2022

RELIGHT Symposium: Road to Excellence in Global Health Research

Join the RELIGHT symposium taking place April 7, where I will participate in a panel discussion about the path to research excellence!

Follow the event here

6th April, 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

We can host scientist at all levels. We have postdoc, PhD and lab tech funded positions available. In addition, there may be shot-term fellowship available trough EMBO. We can also help with housing. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested.

6th March, 2022

Goodbye Coralie!

After 6 months with us, Coralie returns to her beautiful Neuchâtel in Switzerland. We will miss her so much!
Her smile has lighten up our winter!! We wish her all the best on her new position. She will stay a friend of the lab :))

18th February, 2022

Happy Birthday Eis!

Finally the restrictions in Oslo were relaxed which allowed us to celebrate in person Eis's birthday! On this occasion, Eis shared with us his Italian origin by cooking a delicious homemade tiramisu.

14th February, 2022

Another new large NFR convergence funding !!!

We are extremely happy to announce that, together with Torkel Hafting and SINTEF, we received a large funding from the Norwegian Research Council to finance a joined project to engineer tools to diagnose & analyse sleep and associated disorders (NeuroProbe-on-a-chip – NFR convergence).

18th February, 2022


Our lab is glad to announce that we are looking for new collaborators!! We currently have two postdoctorals positions available for both neuroscience and computational backgrounds.Regardless of your level (medical student, master, PhD), if you are interested in our work, don't hesitate to send us a spontaneous application! Read more about the call here

10th February, 2022