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Adipose Tissue Characterization with Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and Machine Learning

Authors: Florian Dapsance, Jie Hou, Damien Dufour, Charlotte Boccara, Nolwenn Briand, Ørjan Martinsen
Journal: IEEE Sensors Letters
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Angular and Linear Speed Cells in the Parahippocampal Circuits

Authors: Davide Spalla, Alessandro Treves, Charlotte N. Boccara
Journal: Nature Communications
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The Entorhinal Cognitive Map is Attracted to Goals

Authors: Boccara CN, Nardin M, Stella F, O'Neill J, Csicsvari J.
Journal: Science
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Dissociation between Postrhinal Cortex and Downstream Parahippocampal Regions in the Representation of Egocentric Boundaries

Authors: Xenia Gofman, Gilad Tocker,... Dori Derdikman
Journal: Current Biology (2019)
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Superficial Layers of the Medial Entorhinal Cortex Replay Independent of the Hippocampus

Authors: O’Neill J, Boccara CN, Stella F, Schoenenberger P,Csicsvari J.
Journal: Science (2017)
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Activity dependent feedback inhibition may maintain head direction signals in mouse presubiculum

Authors: Simonnet J, Nassar M, Stella F, Cohen I, Mathon B, Boccara CN, Miles R, Fricker D.
Journal: Nature Communications (2017)
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A Three-Plane High Resolution Architectonic Atlas of the Rat Hippocampal Region. 

Authors:Boccara CN, Kjønigsen LJ, Hammer I, Bjålie J, Leergaard TB, Witter MP.
Journal: Hippocampus (2015)
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Grid Cells in Pre- and Parasubiculum.

Authors: Boccara CN, Sargolini F, Hult V, Solstad T, Witter MP, Moser EI and Moser M-B.
Journal: Nature Neuroscience (2010)
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Representation of Geometric Borders in the Entorhinal Cortex.

Authors: Solstad T, Boccara CN, Kropff E, Moser M-B & Moser EI.
Journal: Science (2008)
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